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We are a full service company, start to finish.

Custom Design Countertops has been Santa Rosa, California and the surrounding areas’ one stop shop countertop destination for decades. Our highly trained staff have the dedication, skill and experience to ensure your new kitchen or bathroom countertop is easily the most eye catching and beautiful part of the room. From the courteous professionals in our showroom to the master installers, we will provide you with invaluable insight and assistance on that important do-it-yourself project you’ve been dreaming of as we guide you through every step of the design and installation. Your countertop wishes come to life and your expectations for what a countertop company does will be met and exceeded. We also feature a removal/demolition service for any renovation project which may help you avoid damaging any existing element in your home or office. Let us take care of the demolition phase and the mess that comes along with it. So if you’ve been seriously contemplating or just daydreaming about getting started on your new laminate, cultured marble or butcher block countertop project, don’t put it off a day longer and call us today to find out the variety of ways we can help you achieve countertop success.

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Let us help design your countertop layout.

Once your cabinet layout is completed, come to the Custom Design Countertops’ showroom and let us help you select the color and edge that will complete the look of your countertops. We can also help you choose the correct seam placement and type of backsplash to ensure every aspect of your kitchen or bathroom looks it’s absolute best. How you go about deciding which surface material is best and how to effectively configure the layout will determine the success level of the project and with our help you are guaranteed to get results that will have you eager to invite guests over and share pictures of your countertops on Facebook and all your social media outlets.

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Our professionals provide exact measurements.

Custom Design Countertops will have one of our trained experts come to your home or business to accurately measure for your countertops in a timely and courteous manner and at your convenience.
We never forget that we work for YOU and we will do everything we can to make the process an enjoyable one that minimizes disruptions in your daily routine.

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Our installation team is second to none.

Having a great looking custom countertop is important. Equally paramount is ensuring that the countertops are installed correctly while being perfectly level throughout, making it not only an eye catching centerpiece but also a functional work space. Custom Design Countertops has been providing the very best custom countertops to Santa Rosa, California and the surrounding areas for over a quarter century and we won’t be going away anytime soon so we will be here for you in the future should you ever need any maintenance or further work done on your countertops.

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Our skilled and experienced crew take the headache out of removal.

Skill and experience greatly speed up and simplify the countertop removal process and minimize project delays. The professionals at Custom Design Countertops are known for meeting project completion deadlines and we can work around your busy schedule, making the installation process as painless and convenient for you as possible.

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