Butcher Block

Butcher Block Countertops offer natural beauty and extreme durability.

Wood (butcher block) countertops are a very popular option based on a number of unique features including their natural beauty and durability. They are “living” countertops with active enzymes which reside inside the material. These enzymes make wood countertops naturally antibacterial.

Wood countertops develop a beautiful “patina” that naturally occurs over time from continued use which gives them character and a unique look for each one. This exquisite material does require a bit of “tender loving care”. A simple hand washing and thorough drying along with a thin coat of beeswax will prevent your butcher block countertops from becoming too dry. Many butcher block countertop owners choose to stain and seal the surface. Tips on the best brands for staining and procedures for doing this can be found on our blog page. Over the years you can watch with amazement as your countertop develops a distinctive look and feel that isn’t found with any other countertop material.

These countertops do cost a bit more than other materials but it’s incredibly long lifespan and unique character more than makes up for the extra cost. Butcher block countertops are available in many different species of wood, and come in various degrees of thickness and shading. While in most instances wood countertops are reserved to an island in the kitchen or butler’s area, they can be used in the entire kitchen for a consistant look that will amaze home owners and guests alike for years to come.

John Boos & Co. is the leading manufacturer of butcher block and stainless steel gourmet and foodservice products in the U.S.A. JB&C is renowned for their famous Boos Blocks® and Cutting Boards. JB&C products are “Made in the U.S.A” of solid and quality North American hardwoods, and are the finest in quality, workmanship and design.