Why Choose Cultured Marble for your Bathroom Vanity Tops?

Before choosing granite or marble countertops, find out why more and more people are now going with cultured marble as their material of choice.

When choosing the material for a bathroom vanity top, often what first comes to mind is marble and granite. The next thing that enters into the equation is cost and affordability. While many home owners have a very large budget when choosing the materials for their countertops and can easily afford granite and marble, for the rest of us, cultured marble is a much more sensible choice and a true bargain when compared with natural stone countertops. While marble and granite are quite expensive, cultured marble is much less so while not sacrificing beauty and durability. Bathroom vanity tops fashioned from cultured marble can be formed in a variety of molds and sizes to custom fit your individual bathroom space so it has an added element of versatility that isn’t found with natural materials.

Other advantages of going with cultured marble are numerous and become quite apparent upon further research. Where natural stone is porous (soaks up liquids easily) and therefore must be cleaned using specific products, cultured marble can be maintained using common household cleaners and require no special treatment. Another problem with porous surfaces is they are more prone to collect mildew and stains, which is not a problem when going with the synthetic option. Cultured marble is also not as susceptible to physical damage as marble and granite, which can chip, break and crack more easily than many people may assume. Cultured marble is treated with a finishing coat that serves as an extra layer of protection which makes it less prone to scratching. One noted home builder characterized cultured marble as “impervious” and “absolutely reliable”.

For all these reasons it seems that cultured marble is the obvious choice for your bathroom vanity top material. Whether you are having a home built for yourself or you are a property manager trying to decide on the most efficient and profitable way to design multi-unit bathrooms, cultured marble is the way to go. Custom Design Countertops, located in Santa Rosa, California, is the local leader in cultured material vanity top design and installation. We have a large variety of pre-fabricated vanity tops ready for immediate installation or we can customize a countertop according to your specific needs. If you live near Santa Rosa, call or visit our shop and see for yourself why cultured marble is a wise and prudent choice for your home’s countertops and be sure to look for us on Twitter and Facebook to see what is trending in the world of residential design.