While they are no doubt beautiful, it is no secret that granite countertops are fragile and easily chipped or cracked. One homeowner who decided to go with the granite is now regretting that decision. After only one month the countertop was in need of repair after a bottle was accidentally dropped, taking a chunk out of the edge of the surface.

After doing some research online the home owner realized that it would be best to hire a professional to do the repairs since a DIY repair project on granite requires an angle grinder with special buffing pads, which he did not own. After making several calls, the home owner decided to get the repairs done by the same company that did the initial install but it would cost $250 and no one was available to complete the repairs for another three weeks, which just so happened to be after the Thanksgiving holiday. So the homeowner had to host Thanksgiving with a countertop that had a large, unsightly and dangerously sharp edged chip in his countertop.

In the end the granite was repaired but this experience left the owner regretful for choosing granite and nervous about the prospect of future damage to the surface. Accidents are inevitable and so to avoid future damage, the granite countertops are utilized sparingly. Groceries are now placed on the butcher block island, since it can’t be chipped or cracked simply by dropping a can of soup or a bottle. After talking to the homeowner recently we learned that if he could go back he would select laminate countertops since they are far more suited for everyday use in the real world where things fall and get dropped.

More than likely this is not the last time the granite countertops in this particular home will need repairs and this serves as a prime example of why granite may seem like the right material when looking at it in a showroom. However, once all the drawbacks of granite are considered, it leaves little doubt that laminate countertops are a much better choice for those who actually want to use and enjoy all of their kitchen countertops space.