Caring for Butcher Block Countertops


Butcher block countertop surfaces, while beautiful and stylish, do require unique care compared to other surfaces. An occasional coat of beeswax and avoidance of harsh chemicals is recommended.  This, however, should not be looked at as a negative aspect, but rather as a source of pride similar to maintaining a nice lawn, swimming pool or a classic old car. Because while home décor fads come and go, often leaving home owners with a sense of regret because the solid surface they chose is already out of fashion, the naturally refined yet understated look combined with the elegant and durable feel of butcher block is always striking and never goes out of fashion.  The extra love one gives to their butcher block custom countertop will indeed be repaid, and then some, over time as it will develop a gorgeous patina which occurs naturally as the wood dries and ages and the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina. Many companies today try to replicate patinas on wood, but it is extremely difficult to mimic through synthetic fabrication so the only way to truly get this unique and alluring look is to allow nature to work its magic.  Over the years you will watch as your countertop ages beautifully and develops character that isn’t found with any other surface available. Below are a few links to some helpful articles detailing the most effective ways to care for your butcher block countertop so you can get the most use and enjoyment from them as they remain the envied centerpiece of the room.

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